Why I feel everyone has money but me

Why do I feel like everyone has money but me?  Have you ever felt this way?  I know I used to feel that way?  I thought that somehow everyone was in such better shape than I am financially.  I felt like maybe I was a failure and something was wrong with me, because I just could not get it together.  Well, I am here to tell you, EVERYONE feels this way, okay, not everyone, but almost everyone.  We all feel like we have financial trials and we just cannot be the grown up adult we thought we would become.  Money should be taught in school, it should be a subject that is taught every year.  Not how to add money and subtract money but we should have had a class about credit cards, loans, debt…….the ugly side of money.  Then we should have been taught about the other side of money, prosperity, responsibility, wealth.  When we were children we were truly open to these concepts and we could absorb the realities much better than adults.  As adults we got to learn the hard way.  Money, can be fun and exciting, but it can also be so depressing!!  People have killed themselves over money!!  Crazy, that something that plentiful, would cause someone to end their life.  

Educating ourselves and our children about money and how it actually works is something that is done in the “Academy for Future Leaders”.  You, as their parent may also take part in the learning about money and business and everything else.  Here, at Grow,Prosper, Live we want you and your children to grow up understanding the realities of life that have somehow been hidden from us.  We are meant to find joy and be happy, to help others, to find your purpose.  I have 6 children, and the first five were from my first marriage, I was young and very insecure about who I was.  I made mistakes with my first five kids, a lot of mistakes, it certainly did not mean that I did not love them, it just meant I was a little to selfish and didn’t understand what I was doing.  I now have a second chance to be a better parent with my son from my second marriage.  I see life a little differently and I am much less selfish.  I want him to grow up doing something he absolutely loves.  I want his happiness above all else.    He will be doing all ten years of the “Academy for Future Leaders.”  He will learn how important it is to give back and to develop his talents to the best of his ability.  I still do want my older children to find their way to their own joy and happiness, but it is a lot harder to do that when they are grown, and have their own ideas and challenges.  

The concepts about money has been hidden from us for too long.  Don’t let that happen to your children.  Be the example, get out of debt, grow your income and wealth.  Help others do the same thing.  We all live in this beautiful place, find out what you are good at and start sharing it.  Teach your children to do the same.  The only way to break the cycle is for you to start.  

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