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At Grow Prosper Live, we provide education and support for families, and helping them find their purpose,
so that they can prosper and securely grow and achieve their full potential
while having the financial freedom they always wanted.

Hi! I'm Beth

Hi! I’m Beth Jensen, life balance coach and the creator of Grow Prosper Live.  My purpose is to leave a legacy of service and leadership that influences families to discover their own potential and pursue a life of fulfillment. I want to help you and your family to discover who you truly are, so that you can build a life you absolutely love. Whether it’s through finding your passion, creating balance or being debt free, my focus is on giving you the tools to improve your life and the lives of your children.

my story

I grew up as one of 9 kids, and honestly, I felt completely lost in the crowd. It took me a really long time to find myself, to discover my purpose and find my voice. The truth is, it's tough to wander through life trying to find your purpose, having no direction and feeling completely lost. 

I got married just to be able to get out of my house...and 5 kids later, that ended in a divorce. I always loved numbers and thought that most things in life could be simplified with processes and organization, and while that might work out sometimes...

There is a bigger picture and you need to have the right priorities in place

So, when I got remarried and life took us in a direction of deep debt, I knew we needed to make a change. It took us 10 months to be completely debt-free and the release was bigger than I could have ever imagined. This freedom got me thinking:

what if others could experience this freedom as well?

I wanted to help other families feel the power of that freedom while also giving them the balance and direction to be better leaders and parents.

I also wanted children to feel that there is a place that they can grow and prosper while they are being cared for. This is why I created Grow Prosper Live. Through our programs, we are providing education and support to families so they can find their purpose, prosper and securely grow in order to gain financial freedom and achieve their full potential.

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