How do I stay on budget?

How do I stay on my budget??  Always a common questions, but for everyone the answer is different.  What motivates you to be on a budget?  Is it something you are saving up for?  Is it just because you don’t want to waste money?  Or, is it a combination of answers?  I can only tell you my experience.  Yes, I believe there is a lot of money in the universe and you can have as much as you are allowed to have.  Now, what does that mean?  You must be doing something good and that makes you happy to earn money, but you also must not waste it.  As, the bible says is multiple places you must be a good steward and if you are a good steward you will be trusted with more.  So, What does that mean exactly?  Well, everyone interpretes bible passages differently, but what I feel like it means is to not waste it on meaningless pursuits.  For example, when you go grocery shopping, do you eat 100% of what you buy?  50%?  Where does the rest go?  Produce, garbage, right?  Even if you are not making the money you would like to make if you are careful with your spending and you make sure everything you buy you or your family is getting a ROI (return on investment) from those dollars you will see that you have more money than you thought you did.  Every dollar you spend you should get same sort of return on Investment.   A vacation is a return, you get time with the people you love, your strengthen those relationships and you have great memories.   Should be the same with food, an apple you will get a better return on investment than you will a snickers bar, Right?  Everytime you go to the registar to spend a few dollars, ask yourself “what is my return”?  If there is not return, put that thing back and try again.  Thinking about this will save you money. We spend a lot of money on places like “The Dollar Store”, because we think it is only a dollar, what is the big deal, right?  Add, up all those dollars that you have rationalized down to worthless then I will tell you what the big deal is.   It has been proven that Americans spend 400-1200 a month average on nothing.  Wow !!  When you devalue a dollar it makes it a lot harder to save money and to spend wisely.  A dollar is seed you can plant to grow many more dollars.  Don’t underestimate the value.  

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