10 Day Sugar Detox


You will receive step by step instructions on how to detox sugar out of your body. You will get recipes and alternatives to processed sugar so you can still have your sweets. You will get support.

Add: 28 Day Plant Based Menu

Try 28 day plant based menu. Shopping list, menu, and recipe book. You can rotate this menu your entire life, you will get balanced meals, lose weight and feel great. This menu is also less than $25 per person per week!! You can save money too!



I guarantee if you stick with this step by step sugar detox you will be able to curb your appetite for sugar permanently.

If you change your mind before the group begins then you are entitled to a full refund.

This is a great way to retrain your brain about sugar.  This is a series of videos, shopping list, menus and support to get you through the next 10 days.  This course will teach you about sugar and the effects it has on your body and how to fix that without not eating anything sweet.  You will still get the same delicious foods but with different sweeteners, which will make the more delicious and nutritious.